BORINI ROBERTO – Factory and warehouse of art furniture – furnishings

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Borini Roberto

The company BORINI ROBERTO follows in the footsteps and the tradition of his father Lino who started very young to work as an apprentice, “el bocia”, at other carpenters learning the secrets and techniques, and discovering the moods, colors and scent of wood .
It was 1960 when Lino opened his artisan workshop in Bovolone.
Since young Roberto has inherited the passion of his father as a carpenter and leads the company to specialize in the construction of art furniture; at the same time the research continues in the study of materials, in design and in the reviewing of styles in a more contemporary and functional key.
With experience, competence and creativity, the company BORINI ROBERTO, thanks to its technical office, can bring to life your projects and show you, from the start, the end result of your environment.
The company BORINI ROBERTO is always attentive to the environmental sector and has equipped its factory with a photovoltaic system that has allowed to significantly reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide.
The wood, carefully selected, comes from controlled reforestation plantations, which means that every single tree is cut if a new tree is planted.
Wood is considered a noble material, so much attention is given to the choice of the finest woods, the best cuts and the perfect seasoning.
In the company BORINI ROBERTO everyone works all days with a only one commitment: SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS.

Our values
Experience and professionalism at the service of the customer.
Active listening to the needs of the customer.
Respect for human and nature.

What distinguishes us
Assistance and support for design.
Constant search for the best materials and the most suitable solutions for each project.
Guarantee for the best value for money.
After-sales service to reply to every request.
Only one person for contacts

Our mission
Our aim is customer satisfaction that we always put at the center of every project.
Our know-how to realize the home dream of our customers thanks to the listening and care that we dedicate in every job, is rewarded by the trust they place in us, and all this gives us great emotions and the awareness that commitment and preparation give value to the relationship with the customers.