Borini Roberto al lavoro su mobile su misura

BORINI ROBERTO boasts almost half a century of history and tradition in woodworking.
Located in the artisan district of the province of Verona, the company BORINI ROBERTO is specialised in the construction of classic furniture, which translates into a rigorous attention to the quality of the used materials, combined with the respect of the oldest art of the cabinet-making.
At the same time, together with its skilled artisans, BORINI ROBERTO continues its research into the study of materials, design and reinterpretation of styles in a more contemporary and functional key.
Each creation must combine the rediscovery of the value of quality furniture and the living in an environment full of refined and pleasant atmospheres.
Always attentive to the needs of customers, the company BORINI ROBERTO offers its art at the service of natural and noble materials to produce tailor-made furniture.