Finishes and fabrics

Everything is born from listening to the customer.
Our aim, in fact, is to accompany him in his every design choice, from design to decorative detail, creating with him a completely customized and tailored space.
Nothing is left to chance. Each element is selected with extreme care according to customer’s needs.
This allows us to create unique furnishings, enhanced by quality materials, customized finishes and functional elements, without ever forgetting respect for nature and the environment.
In fact, we only use wood from controlled reforestation areas. The painting is also entirely made of water, to preserve all the naturalness of the wood and to obtain furniture free from harmful emissions for human and the environment.
Our proposals are suitable for any type of furniture: classic, contemporary, modern.

PAINTS: water-made and non-toxic in respect of human and the environment.
LACQUERING: the choice ranges between all RAL colors.
ESSENCES: walnut, cherry, maple, oak.
FINISHES: aged, patinated, sponged, buffered, brushed, with woodworm effect.
FABRICS: brocades, velvets, gobelins, microfibres and leathers.
COLORS: solid color, floral patterns, geometric patterns.