Wood is a material that is always alive, even after being worked, carved or painted.
It must be treated with care at every stage of processing to enhance the essence, the color and the nuances, veins and imperfections that make it unique.
The processes that bring a trunk to become a finished piece of furniture are many, such as:
the seasoning that allows the wood to mature to be processed;
the inlay to decorate flat or curved surfaces;
the carving to create unique decorations and ornaments;
the gilding or silvering: fragile golden or silver leaves expertly modeled to enhance and define details and decorations;
the polishing, lacquering for classic or modern finishes, monochromatic or colored;
the padding that completes with quality fabrics sofas, armchairs and chairs.
Our work then continues with the packaging to protect the furniture during transport to the customer’s home.